Fog of war

We will use the fog of war mechanic that you are probably familiar with from other games, both on the global map and within isometric instances. Hiding not only points of interest on the map but also the topography itself, in our opinion, is a great solution to encourage exploration

Date : 05 11 2022

Character equipment window

Welcome! Today we would like to show you the actual character equipment window. Please note an important change. In earlier concept art and screenshots, the character was hand-drawn ( 2D )

Date : 17 10 2022

Giant swamp toads

Hello everyone! Today we’d like to tell you more about giant swamp toads and how nobody should underestimate them. The usual giant toad in its average size weighs up to a pood (that’s why the peasants call it “pood toad”), is omnivorous, can crush chickens / jocks

Date : 12 09 2022

Swamp biome

Hello! We’d like to show you concept art with some elements of the flora and fauna of the swamp biome. It’ll be the first location players get to see and begin their acquaintance with the world of Rovinia during the release of our game

Date : 27 08 2022

Wastelands bandits

Greetings to our dear followers <3 Today we would like to share new content from our demo. In previous publications, we have already introduced you to some squad members that you will control. Now it is time to blow the lid off by revealing some of the opponents

Date : 31 07 2022

Volhv Mirodar

Hello! This week we’ll continue introducing you to the characters of the demo. Next in line is the volhv Mirodar. As you can see, this is the oldest member of the squad and nobody can tell exactly what his real age is, as he hides it behind the folds of his thick and long snow-white beard. Mirodar has devoted his life to serving the pantheon of the Svarogi gods as a volhv-priest and renounced any material values a long time ago

Date : 13 06 2022