Steam page release

Ladies and gentlemen, we did it! Tribal is now on Steam! You can add the game to your wishlist and we will be able to direct everyone to our store page, instead of the website or social media.We will add more materials to the page and our next step will be the release of a promo video introducing the game’s lore, don’t miss it!

Date : 30 08 2021

Getting ideas from Thronebreaker

If you take a look at Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, you might think that we mostly used this game as a reference for our art style. But none of that would be true. Thronebreaker was released at the end of 2018

Date : 23 07 2021

Game UI

Hey! Do you consider game UI to be one of the most important elements of the game, as we do? Most often, it carries an exclusively functional purpose. We’ll try to make you feel immersed in the game world even during your interaction with the user interface

Date : 10 07 2021

Drawing inspiration from Diablo 2

Hey! Recently we have announced a new rubric about other isometric games, which we studied and used as references to solve technical as well as artistic challenges while developing Tribal. We’ll start with the well-known game that initiated an entire genre – Diablo 2

Date : 23 06 2021

The solstice

Hi there! It’s а solstice today, the special day for all folks honoring their old traditions and customs. The Slavenes from the world of Tribal celebrate it too, and they call this event the Festival of Horned Bell

Date : 21 06 2021

Prototype of our dialog window

Hi! We have another small update. This is the prototype of our dialog window – an integral part of any role-playing game. More updates about the rest of our user interface as well as gameplay will follow soon. Stay tuned!

Date : 09 06 2021