Hello! We’re here today because we’d like to give out some information regarding the demo version of Tribal, which will be released at the same time as our crowdfunding campaign. Within our demo we’re going to tell you a story revolving around a crew of 5 characters venturing deep into the Wild Lands, and we want to show off some lovely concept art from our new concept artist!

This is Ratibor, he’s not only an intellectual and an aristocrat, he’s also the leading expert on anything involving ancient Veyron ruins. His father always dreamed of his son becoming a great warrior and envisioned a long and successful military career when he came of age. However, despite excelling in his studies and partaking in a few short martial campaigns, Ratibor quickly realized killing people at someone’s behest was no life for him. Much to his father’s displeasure, he left the army and quickly took up the thrilling job of treasure hunting. Ratibor quickly became enthralled by his new profession, often disregarding both his family and his own wellbeing, going months at a time without seeing his children. While most would be interested in the more… lucrative aspects of the job, Ratibor was far more interested in quenching his ever-growing thirst for knowledge and his desire to shed light on the history of Rodinia’s people. Acting as a guide for his small squad, he leads them deep within the Wild Lands in search of anything noteworthy.

Date : 15 11 2021 Tribal development team

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