Game UI

Hey everyone! During the last week we’ve been working on the first stage of our base gameplay – our combat system as well as the overall game UI. There’s nothing interesting to show in terms of combat but we can show you our first draft for the game UI

Date : 22 05 2021

Small tech demo

Hi! We’ve a small technical demo this time. If you remember this post from June 2020 link where we had demonstrated how objects were placed within our Unity scene

Date : 18 05 2021

Latest development news

Greetings to everyone interested in our project! We haven’t posted anything for over a month, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve been doing nothing

Date : 10 05 2021

Sound design & jingles demo

Hello everyone! Today’s post will be devoted to the art and practice of creating sound effects for our game, in other words – sound design. In lore-focused games or games with rich environments it’s mostly used in form of art

Date : 30 03 2021

3D Sprites

Hello everyone! In today’s post we will cover some technical details. In July, we published a gif to show you how our scene looks like in Unity (link)  and today we’ll tell you what we’ve been working on in the past couple of months and why

Date : 05 03 2021

The prophet

Good day, ladies and gentlemen! We have already demonstrated music for dark chilling locations (link), as well as a login screen soundtrack (link). Now is the time to show you how some of the music will sound during fights.

A little background first. After publishing the previous soundtrack, we received a rather ambiguous feedback, in which many listeners said that they did not have associations with Slavic culture

Date : 25 02 2021