Sound design & jingles demo

Hello everyone! Today’s post will be devoted to the art and practice of creating sound effects for our game, in other words – sound design. In lore-focused games or games with rich environments it’s mostly used in form of art, as opposed to competitive games, where sound effects are used as another source of information in order to assist players in defeating their foes and interact with the game. We’d like to implement interactive mechanics based on sound. For example, certain characters will have the ability to sense hidden treasures and artifacts. This sense will be expressed in visual clues but also by various sound effects. Several circumferential areas of different radii will be located around the hidden artifact. Once the player starts to cross the line of the outer circle, he/she will hear a token sound that indicates the presence of nearby treasure. When the player gets closer to the secret, the sound will increase and the closer he gets, the more details, noises, and even musical instruments she/he will hear. When the player’s character manages to find the central key area, the hidden treasures will appear on the screen.

Such interactiveness with sound effects is rarely implemented in games and is usually present in a simpler form, such as visible objects that emanate certain sound effects, for example in games like Skyrim or in older Assassin’s Creed series. However, there are some exceptions. For example, in Kingdom Come: Deliverance there’s a task to catch nightingales. Player has to follow the skirl of the birds in a pine forest and set traps under the trees that emit these bird sounds. In the attached video you can hear several examples of our sounds effects for interactive hidden treasure seeking, as well as our jingles for starting a new chapter, completing a quest, etc.

Date : 30 03 2021 Tribal development team

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