Happy New Year

Any transition time is special and in its own way mystical, whether it be a change in the phase of the moon or a change from the season of thunderstorms to the harvest season. But now we are witnessing the brightest of all – when the firmament has made its full revolution and the last number on our calendar will change

Date : 31 12 2021

Visual novel development

Hi everyone! Developing an RPG, especially as indie developers, is something that takes a lot of time and because we’re in the midst of a technological bottleneck, we decided to start a side-project and try ourselves in another, “simpler” direction

Date : 23 12 2021


Hello! We’re here today because we’d like to give out some information regarding the demo version of Tribal, which will be released at the same time as our crowdfunding campaign. Within our demo we’re going to tell you a story revolving around a crew of 5 characters

Date : 15 11 2021

New team member

Hi! We were silent and did not release any updates for a while and we’re sorry for that. Most of our team members were on vacation in September and very little progress was made. But we have some good news!

Date : 16 10 2021

Dev diary: production process of the story trailer

Hey! We recently released our first video, introducing the game’s lore. If you have not seen it, here is it

Date : 16 09 2021

Our first video

Hello everyone! Today we are proud to present our first video that brings more clarity to the lore of the game

Date : 11 09 2021