Magic in Tribal

Welcome! As we’ve mentioned in the past, we’re working within a fantasy setting, and by no means are we trying to make a historical recreation of any real-world location. While we do largely rely on Slavic culture to give our world depth and a feeling of authenticity, we’re leaving any notion of realism to other projects like Kingdom Come: Deliverance as well as Mount & Blade

Date : 22 05 2022


Dear subscribers, it has been a long time since we posted anything and the reason for that is the invasion of Ukraine by the military forces of the Russian Federation. Half of our team consists of Russian Federation citizens and more than a third of Ukrainian citizens

Date : 18 04 2022

Development roadmap update

Greetings, travelers! We have some news regarding the development roadmap. First – we’ve updated the description of the game on our website. Ideas and plans change during the creative process and so it happened to our game design and priorities

Date : 13 02 2022

The Sword of Kings

This time we’d like to talk about ceremonial weapons. Today we will talk about an important iconic artifact of Slavia – the Sword of Kings. This sword was wielded by Svyatoslav himself – the commander-in-chief of the Slavene army during the liberation war against the Veyronians many centuries ago

Date : 16 01 2022

Happy New Year

Any transition time is special and in its own way mystical, whether it be a change in the phase of the moon or a change from the season of thunderstorms to the harvest season. But now we are witnessing the brightest of all – when the firmament has made its full revolution and the last number on our calendar will change

Date : 31 12 2021

Visual novel development

Hi everyone! Developing an RPG, especially as indie developers, is something that takes a lot of time and because we’re in the midst of a technological bottleneck, we decided to start a side-project and try ourselves in another, “simpler” direction

Date : 23 12 2021