Dear subscribers, it has been a long time since we posted anything and the reason for that is the invasion of Ukraine by the military forces of the Russian Federation. Half of our team consists of Russian Federation citizens and more than a third of Ukrainian citizens . This is an extremely difficult situation for us and since the invasion we barely did any work. The existence of this project was in question. In addition, we had to part ways with one of the team members responsible for conceptualizing the universe and political intrigues within Slavene Kingdoms. We want to express our deepest condolences to the citizens of Ukraine and condemn this war and all those who support it. From now on, any politically motivated talk will be severely moderated, and we will stop anyone who engages in militaristic rhetoric or symbolism in support of this war. We really hope that it will be over as soon as possible, and that we will never have to post anything like this again.

That’s enough sadness, let’s talk about good stuff – our upcoming demo. We’d like to talk about one of the squad members from the Slavene Kingdoms demo that we’re preparing right now. We are ready to introduce the most brutal and controversial member of the squad – Dobran. Though he’s rough, straightforward, and not the sharpest of minds, he makes up for it with his strong constitution and fighting skills. While he can act as a “tank”, armed with a round shield and one-handed axe, he’s also quite agile and skillful to effectively dual wield axes and swords. In spite of his notoriety in certain circles as a hit-and-run mercenary, he is the only member of this squad who was chosen for the job by coincidence.

Dobran is as simple as a nickel. Almost like an animal, he is guided only by the basic needs. And for the gods’ sake, don’t piss off this huge killing machine, or you’ll get your head bashed in with a shield.

Date : 18 04 2022 Tribal development team

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