Development roadmap update

Greetings, travelers! We have some news regarding the development roadmap. First – we’ve updated the description of the game on our website. Ideas and plans change during the creative process and so it happened to our game design and priorities. We decided to focus on the single-player component and expand it with online elements later on. You can read the new, detailed description of the game on our website –­/en/­features/

Also, we would like to emphasize that Tribal will NOT be distributed as free-to-play. When we created our Steam page, we made a mistake and the game was added to the free-to-play category. The game will be released as a single-player party-based RPG, and not a free-to-play online game. Another Steam-related update: the game’s name was changed to Tribal: Slavene Kingdoms.

We also want to make another little announcement: our Kickstarter page is now live –­/projects­/playtribal­/tribal-slavene-kingdoms
Don’t forget to follow, so you won’t miss the start of our fundraising campaign, as well as the release of the free demo on Steam. See you soon!

Date : 13 02 2022 Tribal development team

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