Log house concept

Hi! Today we’ll present the concept art of a wooden house, also known as a log house. Slavic people started building wooden houses a long time ago. According to some sources around the 5th century

Date : 11 07 2020

Technical demo of a game scene from our game client

Greetings! This time we have a technical demo of our game scene. It might remind you of Cristopher Nolan’s movie called “Inception” but don’t worry

Date : 04 07 2020

Volhv concept

Hello! Today’s show and tell will be about volhvs(plural), which were priests in ancient Slavic religions. This concept art was made at the early stages of development

Date : 27 06 2020

Game assets concept

First post is always exciting and we wanted to present something special. This gif was created before we had a map editor. It was drawn and assembled by our graphics designer manually

Date : 22 06 2020