Log house concept

Hi! Today we’ll present the concept art of a wooden house, also known as a log house. Slavic people started building wooden houses a long time ago. According to some sources around the 5th century. In the Middle Ages they built almost everything from wood, from fences and up to entire fortresses. Despite the fantasy genre, we like to lean on historical data to make our world more believable and immersive, so you’ll come across a lot of wooden buildings in our game. Only the wealthiest Slavenes can afford to live in these large and spacious multi-storey houses and because we’re going to implement the housing system in Tribal, we wanted to demonstrate how one of these log houses could look like. Now, imagine being an owner of such a house. Would you make it a cozy family hearth for your descendants to grow up and study or make it a strong and invincible fortress?

Date : 11 07 2020 Tribal development team

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