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Tribal is a tactical role-playing game with optional online elements, featuring traditional CRPG experience with a simultaneously turn-based combat system. The story-focused gameplay of Tribal is based around the idea of continuous development of the storyline and the World events that regularly influence the ever-changing fantasy world of Rodinia, the latter is fashioned after Slavic mythology and folk tales. Our collective effort is directed towards delivery of a highly interactive and detailed world with a high degree of player freedom and choice-driven events. The ultimate goal of this project is to build an online version of the game, which we’re going to achieve by gradually adding and testing more mechanics tied to the social interaction and rivalry between players.


  • We welcome you to become a part of a truly living fantasy world based on Slavic mythology and folk tales. Discover an immersive world with a large degree of freedom. Explore the lands and learn about historical events or build your estate and become a merchant. Set out on expeditions to distant and dangerous places to find riches and make trophies or unravel ancient secrets in the ruins of the once mighty Veyron Empire. Decide for yourself which side you’re on.
  • There are plenty of exciting adventures with branching plot and diverse topics: intrigues of the princely courtiers, detective stories, intertwining of treachery and virtue, witchcraft and peasant fictions. Old myths, fairy-tale creatures and ancient prophecies come alive here. Learn about your past, uncover the conspirators, or take their side.
  • Season changes, floods, volcanic eruptions, wildfire, construction of new settlements and hostilities between kingdoms – everything has an impact on the ever-changing map of Rodinia. As you travel the world, you will see the results of events that have changed the appearance of the local lands. Join forces with other players and have a say in how the lands of Rodinia will look – will you help them thrive or will you try to destroy everything in your path?
  • Tribal is a project that aims to encourage world exploration and experimentation. We decided to minimize the routine in our game. Therefore, we decided to minimize the routine in our game. Forget about farming resources, all tedious and repetitive actions can be given to NPCs, while you are free to spend your time exploring new lands and completing the story. Our interactive world will give you the opportunity to constantly find new ways of passing and discover hidden mechanics by trial and error.
  • As with all party role-playing games, you can control not only the character you created at the beginning, but also an entire squad. Each member has his own background, different skills and unique physical attributes. In addition, characters have sets of properties and perks that determine their personalities. They even can have their own goals and dreams in life. Be careful when you take strangers into your party, who knows where they come from and what they have in mind. Any character can become a deserter and traitor as well as a brother-in-arms and devoted friend. Or you can gather your party together with other players that you trust and go on a journey with them.
  • Plan the actions of your squad at the same time as your opponents. Adjust your tactics to counter their decisions beforehand and draw your enemy into a trap. We decided to create a turn-based combat system with simultaneous turns, which will require tactical and strategic thinking from players. When you don’t know what to expect from your opponent, you have no choice but to experiment and adapt your established tactics in every situation. This creates difficult but interesting and thrilling battles.
  • As the story progresses, your character will be able to try himself as a nobleman. Restore the abandoned manor complex, breathe life into the surrounding lands and watch nearby villages grow as more and more peasants arrive from faraway lands to start a new life under your command. Hire characters to work on your estate: blacksmiths to make your equipment, merchants to strengthen your economic ties with other landlords, and many other useful workers to help you prepare your campaigns and perform routine tasks for you. In the future, with the addition of online elements to the game, the manor will become an important trade and economic hub.
  • The world of Rodinia is full of danger and players choose their own fate. If you do not want to play by the rules, then perhaps being an outlaw is something for you. Attack other squads and plunder trading caravans, setting up ambushes on the roads and in the woods. Be aware that you might end up with a bounty on your head and people will start looking for you. Think carefully before you decide to go down this path and be ready to live on the run. After integrating online mechanics into the game, you will be able to take contracts for other criminal players, or wait for someone to come after you if you do not follow the law.
  • Players can deploy expeditions into distant and uncharted territory. Depending on the destination and mission, your expedition can become an entire operation and require a careful planning and a lot of preparation. Send out a guarded caravan to discover new hunting grounds and unknown territories (hopefully)rich with resources. Search for rare treasures or try to obtain long lost ancient knowledge. Don't forget to set up a fortified camp upon your arrival. Staying in the wilderness for long periods of time is dangerous. You’ll need a reliable base of operations, where your adventurers can rest, replenish their resources and store acquired riches.
  • Those who wish to demonstrate their dominance in warfare and earn fame and money should consider fighting pits. You can find special arenas in big cities where your squad will have to fight both dangerous creatures and other squads, including those under the control of other players. Only the best fighters will be able take part in seasonal tournaments and compete for the prestigious champion title.


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