Fog of war

We will use the fog of war mechanic that you are probably familiar with from other games, both on the global map and within isometric instances. Hiding not only points of interest on the map but also the topography itself, in our opinion, is a great solution to encourage exploration . In a game where you are immediately shown all the options available to visit, most often there is less desire to explore every nook and cranny of the game world. Curiosity motivates most players to unveil every hidden piece of the map. What if there’s a new adventure awaiting around the corner or maybe it will be a dangerous monster guarding a hidden treasure? Write what you think about this mechanic and in which games, in your opinion, this is implemented most successfully.

Also, you can explore this map on your own in our upcoming and free demo on Steam. Join our Steam community so you won’t miss anything: go to Steam

Date : 05 11 2022 Tribal development team

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