Swamp biome

Hello! We’d like to show you concept art with some elements of the flora and fauna of the swamp biome. It’ll be the first location players get to see and begin their acquaintance with the world of Rovinia during the release of our game. As you can see, our bestiary practically coincides with the real world, perhaps except for the exaggerated sizes of some creatures. These are mosquitoes, leeches, snakes and toads. But this does not mean that we’re completely abandoning Slavic mythology. Mythical creatures will be a novelty for the inhabitants of Rovinia and you as a player will not meet leshy or goblins around every corner. Movement of your squad will be more limited than in any other location. If you get off paths or bridges, you will fall into the bog. And, for the love of all the gods, beware of beavers – these creatures only seem to be small, harmless fluffies, but in fact they are the danger of the swamps.

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Date : 27 08 2022 Tribal development team

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