Giant swamp toads

Hello everyone! Today we’d like to tell you more about giant swamp toads and how nobody should underestimate them. The usual giant toad in its average size weighs up to a pood (that’s why the peasants call it “pood toad”), is omnivorous, can crush chickens / jocks, especially during the mating period, to attract females with the smell of blood and rot. In view of its size, it is a valuable prey for hunters in itself, it is very much appreciated for its tender meat and healing mucus (toad mucus can easily stop gangrene. Rich governors carry a couple of giant toads with them on campaigns, they feed much better than ordinary warriors, because in case of critical wounds rare healer is able to cope at the level of giant toad mucus)

A much more severe and rare species is the golden giant toad, or “bull toad”. The weight of this creature exceeds two pounds. Most of this mass is concentrated in a powerful bone skull, which is not typical of ordinary toads. What is even more surprising – the claws on the paws are small enough but allow bull toads to successfully jump over stones / ledges / beaver platinum. Due to the presence of a huge mass and the monstrous strength of the hind legs, the bull toad jumps from the ledge and drowns the victim with his forehead, after which it is not difficult to finish off.

The swamp dwellers told a story when a bull toad attacked warriors fleeing from the battlefield, who, out of battle, for evil fate, were without helmets. Due to fatigue and banal failure, travelers wandered into the hunting grounds of a bull toad. They had little chance of surviving. With a powerful jump, the toad pierced the skull of the first traveler, the second, fleeing in fear, drowned himself in the quagmire. The third – a survivor who managed to escape now looks at the ledges in the swamps more than at what he is stepping on and, according to rumors, even sleeps in a helmet.

Date : 12 09 2022 Tribal development team

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