We welcome you to become a part of the living fantasy in a Slavic setting. In Tribal you can get acquainted with the ancient world of Rodinia and explore new lands.

Adventure in a Slavic setting

Immerse yourself in the charm of a fantasy universe, inspired by Slavic folklore and mythology. Explore an extensive open world, where you forge your own destiny.

A fascinating plot with the freedom of choice

Unravel the intricacies of court conspiracies, take part in or prevent a coup d'état. Learn about the customs of the common people, get to know their rituals and fairs. Meet peasants and warlords, noblemen and rebels, learn their personal stories and influence how the history of Rodinia will be written.

Dynamic world

In order to make the game world feel “alive”, we have prepared a system to dynamically change the global map. When re-visiting the same location you may simply not recognize it. It could develop into a prospering trade outpost or a settlement or become ruined by raiding bandits and monsters.

Turn-based combat system with simultaneous turns

Plan ahead actions of your squad and try to predict which move your opponent will do next, in order to gain tactical advantage.

The Manor

Become a successful farmer and family man or turn your homestead into a real fortress. Develop your estate, increase your wealth, and lead your family to fame.

No grind, only adventures

Focus on things that are fun and really matter. Explore the world, experiment, and progress through the story. Forget about farming resources; your workers in the manor can do that for you.

Fog of war

We will use the fog of war mechanic that you are probably familiar with from other games, both on the global map and within isometric instances. Hiding not only points of interest on the map but also the topography itself, in our opinion, is a great solution to encourage exploration

05 11 2022

Character equipment window

Welcome! Today we would like to show you the actual character equipment window. Please note an important change. In earlier concept art and screenshots, the character was hand-drawn ( 2D )

17 10 2022

Giant swamp toads

Hello everyone! Today we’d like to tell you more about giant swamp toads and how nobody should underestimate them. The usual giant toad in its average size weighs up to a pood (that’s why the peasants call it “pood toad”), is omnivorous, can crush chickens / jocks

12 09 2022