Volhv concept

Hello! Today’s show and tell will be about volhvs(plural), which were priests in ancient Slavic religions. This concept art was made at the early stages of development and we quickly realized that it will be very hard for most people to pronounce this word properly. After discussing this for a few days within our team we decided to create a poll on Reddit to help us make a decision on this matter. Volhvs are quite common and recognizable for Slavic people due to embroidered robes and headbands they wear. They carry different ritual trinkets, animal skulls, sometimes even a tambourine and a big wooden staff. Just try to imagine such a character in the middle of a pagan shrine, surrounded by wooden idols, praying to his gods and asking for help in the upcoming battle. A lot of people might confuse these priests with druids, although, despite all the similarities, volhvs are not hermits. Their shrines can be located either in the woods or in the middle of a crowded city. Besides, you’ll have a chance to come across their residencies which, just like in monasteries, can be both shelters and schools for volhvs. Profession of a volhv is usually inherited but anyone can be accepted as an apprentice. With their prayers, volhvs can invoke magic of the gods and support their allies or inflict damage upon enemies, depending on the gods they’re praying to.

Date : 27 06 2020 Tribal development team

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