The Sword of Kings

This time we’d like to talk about ceremonial weapons. Today we will talk about an important iconic artifact of Slavia – the Sword of Kings. This sword was wielded by Svyatoslav himself – the commander-in-chief of the Slavene army during the liberation war against the Veyronians many centuries ago. Since this weapon is a symbol of power and was lost centuries ago, many myths were born around its origin. They say that the blade was forged by Svarog himself, and therefore it has an incredible strength and some kind of magical properties. But no one knows exactly, so common folks come up with all sorts of fables about it. The last owner of the sword was the leader of the Slavenes. He organized a military campaign against imps, marched into the Wild Lands and died in battle. Since then, not much information has been preserved about the sword. No one alive today knows how this sword looks like. This spawned a lot of fakes, cunning blacksmiths and merchants tried to pass off ordinary Veyron weapons as a legendary long-lost blade. And what would you say? Do we have a real one here, or all of them are fake?

Date : 16 01 2022 Tribal development team

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