The prophet

Good day, ladies and gentlemen! We have already demonstrated music for dark chilling locations (link), as well as a login screen soundtrack (link). Now is the time to show you how some of the music will sound during fights.

A little background first. After publishing the previous soundtrack, we received a rather ambiguous feedback, in which many listeners said that they did not have associations with Slavic culture. This time everything should be different, because this is the most real folk music in our own arrangement. This song, like many other combat tracks in our project, is based on the so-called “spiritual verse”, which was recorded during an ethnographic expedition in a remote Siberian village two decades ago. Spiritual verses appeared later than the pagan era, so the lyrics of these songs most often carry some biblical motives. Since in our project events take place in a fantasy world where no Christianity exists, the lyrics of the song have been slightly changed. Also, the tune of the melody has a lot in common with traditional Russian-folk gusli tunes.

It is also worth noting that the composer of the arrangement was largely inspired by the soundtrack of The Witcher 3. But do not think that the music of Tribal will be some kind of a copy of another popular project – our battle songs will be based on Russian folk art, not Eastern European as in The Witcher 3. So far we have only male vocals. By the way, the White Voice technique is used here. It is inherent in various Slavic peoples. In addition to the gusli, you can also hear such instruments as: a russian viola, a shaman drum, a jew’s harp, a hurdy-gurdy and a bouzouki.

This music will not play in a loop within the game, we will divide it into layers and fragments that will be added and switched depending on the intensity of the battle. Thus, at the very beginning of the skirmish you will only hear a simple uncomplicated motive on the harp and at the end it can turn into a powerful march with huge drums.

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Date : 25 02 2021 Tribal development team

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