Wastelands bandits

Greetings to our dear followers <3 Today we would like to share new content from our demo. In previous publications, we have already introduced you to some squad members that you will control. Now it is time to blow the lid off by revealing some of the opponents. Events of the demo plot will take place in the so-called “Wastelands” – a region located literally outside the boundaries of the civilized world. These lands are not controlled by any of the principalities due to their considerable remoteness, and therefore deserters, fugitive convicts and other marginals tend to hide there. Gathering in groups, they can form armed gangs and pose a very serious danger to travelers who dare to go in search of adventure. Some of these bandits can have no sign of subordination, while others can form a squad with a distinct hierarchy and strict combat training. In the image below you can see the concept of well-armed and organized bandits from the “Wastelands”.

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Date : 31 07 2022 Tribal development team

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