Volhv Mirodar

Hello! This week we’ll continue introducing you to the characters of the demo. Next in line is the volhv Mirodar. As you can see, this is the oldest member of the squad and nobody can tell exactly what his real age is, as he hides it behind the folds of his thick and long snow-white beard. Mirodar has devoted his life to serving the pantheon of the Svarogi gods as a volhv-priest and renounced any material values a long time ago. He literally had to be persuaded to wear a new robe and a cloak for this campaign. Otherwise we would venture to the end of the world wearing old clothing filled with holes. While being exceptionally wise and religious, Mirodar also knows a lot about magic and wicked and evil creatures. With this knowledge he successfully saved the life of the campaign leader Berislav many years ago. Since then they always helped each other and became very close friends and this is how Mirodar got into this campaign. In battles he usually uses prayers of support, commanding the forces of nature by invoking the will of the Svarogi gods.

Soon we will show how this character will look within the game engine, don’t miss it! And don’t forget to wishlist and follow our game on Steam


Date : 13 06 2022 Tribal development team

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