Drawing inspiration from Diablo 2

Hey! Recently we have announced a new rubric about other isometric games, which we studied and used as references to solve technical as well as artistic challenges while developing Tribal. We’ll start with the well-known game that initiated an entire genre – Diablo 2.

Back in 2018 we came to an agreement that we like certain elements of Diablo 2’s style. So we decided to use a similar orthographic projection (viewing angle), which allows us to display the game world in a more favorable perspective. By a favorable perspective, we mean that it allows us to equally demonstrate both the facades and roofs of architectural structures, as well as a greater number of sides of any object on the map. Besides, Diablo 2 has a good tiling engine and procedurally generated scenes look organic and pleasing to the eye even today. Therefore, we decided to make our own, similar but more flexible tiling engine. It’ll allow us to build large and diverse levels and create convenient tools to speed up this process, regardless of which game engine we’ll use. After the full release of Tribal, we plan to make our editor publicly available for modding. 

In the animation below, you can see the similarities between Diablo 2’s tile engine and ours.

Date : 23 06 2021 Tribal development team

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