The solstice

Hi there! It’s а solstice today, the special day for all folks honoring their old traditions and customs. The Slavenes from the world of Tribal celebrate it too, and they call this event the Festival of Horned Bell. This holy rite is aimed at worshiping the spirits of nature. The strongest lad of the village must hunt down an elk after the sunset, get its horns, and drag them to the ritual bell before the sunrise. If he manages to do that in time, his lands will be blessed by the Svarogi Gods and the autumn will be plentiful in harvest. But if no one makes it, young women will put their wreaths, decorated with burning torches, on the water and try to read their fate. They say that the girl, whose wreath will extinguish as last, will give birth to a son and eventually he will become strong enough to get the horns and make it in time to the bell many years in a row. It doesn’t matter how you spend this day: looking for the fern blossom or jumping over the campfire, spending time with your family or working hard, let the whole year bring you the light of the longest day of summer.

Date : 21 06 2021 Tribal development team

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