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Not so long ago, we already unveiled one of the races inhabiting the vast expanses of Rodinia. These are humanoid, vermin creatures with horns and tails, called Imps. You don’t want to take any chances with them, especially when you see a group of several specimens. That being said, imps are far from stupid and usually won’t be seen in plain sight. Instead they tend to sneak up under the cloak of night and mount an attack on unsuspecting, sleeping travelers. In that case, a sentry is your only hope.

Some villages will tell you that imps are spawns of the Underworld. They gather at night sabbaths and boil hellish brews in huge cauldrons. But don’t believe every patron you stumble upon in a tavern. Only some of the rumors are true: imps indeed dance around their bonfires at night, drink from a shared cauldron and get drunk on their brew. But they are no more a spawn of the Underworld than we are, and they share plenty of similarities with humans. Especially with drunks, marauders, and other ragtag. If you add a tail and a pig’s snout – and you’ll have an imp, except taller. That is another difference: on average, imps are shorter than humans.

Today we want to show you an art piece featuring a male and female imps. Why do we give so much attention to these creatures? Looks like it’s about time we reveal some plot details of the Steam demo scheduled for June. Imps will be the first creatures that the party of our heroes can encounter on their way back from the expedition to the Wild Lands. Now, look how imposing and formidable the imps are and try to guess the likely outcome of such an encounter: will it be an easy victory or a tragedy?

Date : 07 02 2021 Tribal development team

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