Geometry editor demo

Greetings! Today we’d like to talk about the physics system in Tribal. Despite the fact that we have more or less old-school like isometric graphics and the game scene environment is built with sprites, each object has a three-dimensional representation within the”physical” space. This special space is broken down into tiny elements, which look like Minecraft cubes. We’re using these cubes to build three-dimensional representations for our objects in our custom made editor. Each cube stores information about physical properties such as durability, density, transparency, and type of material. With this information we can perform fairly accurate and realistic calculations for the physics system. For example, a launched projectile can pierce an obstacle right through, slow down, and continue its movement. The trajectory and range of the flight will be calculated using realistic ballistics and not by random number generator. Below you can see the demo of our editor with a three-dimensional representation of the well, which will be displayed as a sprite on the game scene.

Date : 31 10 2020 Tribal development team

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