Gamescom 2019

Our initial plan was to go as exhibitors to Gamescom 2020 and demonstrate a core gameplay demo of Tribal. We decided to go this year as visitors and do some scouting, talk to other developers and see what Gamescom is all about because none of us has ever been there before. We were BLOWN away by the scale of this event. In fact, we think that it might be too big for our game at a demo stage because the majority of visitors didn’t seem like our potential target audience.
During our last weekly dev meeting we’ve discussed Gamescom 2019 trip and decided to wait for Devcom 2020 announcement. Maybe we will give it a try instead of Gamescom 2020. Also, it seems like smaller game events would be a better opportunity where we could introduce our game in public for the first time.

Date: 02 09 2019


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